Smart Maintenance Mode

Smart Maintenance Mode is another useful WordPress plugin developed by WP Inspired. Smart Maintenance Mode is a plugin which allows you to set your site to maintenance mode so that your readers see the Coming Soon page while you can see the actual development of your site. You can create ranges and define the IP range which will see the actual site using Smart Maintenance Mode.

Total Downloads : 24898

You can download the latest version of Smart Maintenance Mode here :


  1. Set Maintenance Mode
  2. Choose custom messages for Maintenance Mode page
  3. Choose custom images for Maintenance Mode page
  4. Allow your IP to access actual site
  5. Disable Maintenance Mode
  6. Create IP ranges
  7. Delete IP ranges
  8. Enable/Disable IP ranges
  9. Completely FREE
  10. Licensed under GNU GPL version 3
  11. Safe & Secure

Who can use it :

  1. Anyone and everyone can use this plugin to set the status of their WordPress installation to Maintenance Mode and allow your own IP to access the actual site while you develop it.
  2. This is a very useful plugin for your WordPress installation while developing your newly installed WordPress installation.

How to install it :

  1. Login to your WordPress installation
  2. Go to Plugins tab -> Add New
  3. Search for Smart Maintenance Mode
  4. Click on Install Now button
  5. Now click on Activate button to activate the plugin
  6. Go to your Dashboard -> Settings -> Maintenance Mode
  7. You are now ready to configure the Maintenance Mode page of your site!!

Screenshot :